• DeDoubleU

    So, it drives me crazy that Syfy canceled the show at all, but it's even worse that they ended it on a cliff hanger.  I don't know about you, but I need it to continue or to at least have an ending!  I have started a message board where Alpha fans can get together and decide on how the story will continue.  There are polls so that members of the board can vote on what wilI happen in the plot and to the characters after the last episode.  When the results for those polls are decided, other polls will be made depending on what the outcome of the others were.  So, I want to invite all of you, especially those who enjoy writing, to come and vote and/or create their own characters and/or act as characters from the show so that the story can con…

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  • Jenster9268

    Im New

    November 26, 2012 by Jenster9268

    Hi all ive just watching Alphas and i love it.

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  • M.CPU


    November 12, 2012 by M.CPU

    Hypercognitive alphas are capable of mental abilities such as "Intuitive Aptitude" (different version of Skylar's ability), "Hyper-Adrenalism" [Enhanced Strength & Acceleration without downside] (Bill's ability), "Hyperkinesis" [Dexterity & Reflexes without stress/distraction downside] (Hicks' ability), "Induction" (Nina's, Jason's & Kimi's methods), "Hyperesthesia/Synesthesia" [Heighten more than one sense at a time] (Rachel's ability), "Adoptive Muscle Memory" [without memory loss downside] (Kat's ability), "Sonic/Sonokinesis" [Voice mimicry] (???'s ability), "Omni-Lingualism/Translation" [without downsides] (Anna's ability), "Transduction/Navigation" [Alpha Detection; not as Gary's electromagntic perception] (Claude's & Gabby's methods) …

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  • Homfrog


    November 7, 2012 by Homfrog

    These are several Alpha types I have created.

    Hypertrophics have the ability to induce growth in any part of the body, but to compensate they must atrophy another part of the body.

    • Internally conflicted
    • Absentminded
    • Multiple personalities
    • Easily overwhelmed

    Hypertrophics possess the ability to consciously control their cell growth, distribution, and division. At any time, they may induce cellular growth in a few types of cells, making a particular organ or muscle group become larger and higher-functioning. However, to conserve mass while doing this, they must also make another few types of cells atrophy, causing another organ or muscle group to wither and lose function temporarily. They cannot affect their bones, hair, or nails.

    For example, if a…

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  • LovelyChrys

    As you guys know I was an admin on this wikia until: certain things happened

    So that doesn't stop me from editing... I tried to accire a new writing style

    for better editing and to jazz up this wikia. Because I built have of this wikia

    and gave it some good Ideas!

    So I'll be trying my best to edit here soon we'll call it: LovelyChrys-Rebuilt.

    Because I will be showing a different me.... So yeah.....


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  • LovelyChrys

    Skylar's BACKK!

    August 8, 2012 by LovelyChrys

    Well as we all know: Our favorite genius is back!! Personally I love Skylar! She was one of the best. Well here's her:

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  • Adrian Grant

    Adrian can perceive the world around himself as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can perceive the natural bioelectrical fields surrounding all living organism including plants and animals. He is able to manipulate the electrical and magnetic fields produced by his heart “which has a radius of around one yards at its highest intensity and several yards at its lowest intensity” increasing and decreasing it at will at will. This allows him to manipulate to a degree any objects susceptible to electromagnetic fields within his radius biological (humans, plants, animals, etc.), metallic (Bullets, vehicles, etc.), and electrical (computers).

    His body can discharge electrical energy with enough precision and intensity to stun or kill …

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  • Adrian Grant

    Subject is a Neuralative Aptitudinal who can instantly understand the workings of anything no matter how simple or complex, without any special education. He can instantly learn how things work, instinctively figuring out how to work any device by means of first glance or from the slightest touch.

    Subject can repair the mind and resist mental instability, enabled through his understanding of how his own mind as well as the minds of others function. His understanding is so complete he can acquire the alpha ability of others by studying their unique neural pathways. This allows him to intuitively understand how any alpha ability work, how to control it, how to master it and how to reproduce it at will.

    His ability also allows him to perceive what p…

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  • GotAllAlphaAbilities

    Do you think Dr. Rosen is actually an Alpha but has not realized it/ is hiding it?

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  • GotAllAlphaAbilities

    Do you think Dr. Rosen is actually an Alpha but has not realized it/ is hiding it?

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  • GotAllAlphaAbilities

    Do you think Dr. Rosen is actually an Alpha but has not realized it/ is hiding it?

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  • GotAllAlphaAbilities

    Do you think Dr. Rosen is actually an Alpha but has not realized it/ is hiding it?

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  • Gphhawkins


    July 31, 2012 by Gphhawkins

    Hello my name is George Hawkins, and I have an idea for a new alpha ability:

    An Omnicognitives ability is activated upon their death. It is an enhanced version of an Hypercognitive alpha thanks to a PhotoStim. The Hypercognitive Alpha (Omnicognitive) would have a perfect mind to body connection just like they would have while being a hypercognitive, but more efficient and alot better. They would posse the ability to control one's brain and everything the brain controls at far greater lengths. Due to this, they are able to heal from any injury, even including death. As seen when small wounds will regenerate new tissue. They also have an extreme expanded lifespan. Their ability can restore biotic organisms to optimal health. See Hypercognitiv…

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  • GotAllAlphaAbilities

    Do you thinkDr. Rosen is actually an Alpha but has not realized it/ is hiding it?

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  • Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+

    If so, list them in the comment section please and thank you

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  • XCoaster

    Season 2

    July 8, 2012 by XCoaster

    On Season 2 of Alphas, a new regular character has been announced, Kat (Erin Way).

    Kat, according to a release from Syfy, is a "free-spirited young loner" who can pick up any skill at a single glance, perfect muscle memory. The only problem is that her memories are very short-lived, and her new skill can fade pretty quickly. Becoming a member of the team provides a purpose and direction for Kat and working with Dr. Rosen, played by David Strathairn, may help her reclaim her lost past.

    New and Returning Guest Stars Include:

    Sean Astin plays Roland, an Alpha who has a bizarrely absorptive brain, which allows him to assume the memories of anyone close to him and then replay them like a tape recorder.

    C. Thomas Howell portrays Eli Aquino, an inten…

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  • Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+

    Well since Stanton Parish is immortal, how old is he? Do you think he is the original alpha? The one who started it all or do you think he is the oldest or one of the oldest alphas alive? Personally I think Stanton Parish may just be a false name he is using and he is extremely old and dates back to ancient roman times or something, idk, just an idea, also do you think he can be killed? Here is the following list of methods a person can be killed with. Aging wont be put on because immortality immediately defeats that but what about these other methods?




    Ripping body in half

    Too much damage to the body(ex-bullets, knives)

    Ripping body apart layer by layer

    Total Destruction of body(ex-fire)


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  • Hayward67

    I've been looking to see who the admins are on the wiki to see if I can affiliate my wiki with this one. I created the Alphas Role-Play Wiki and I wanted to Affiliate with this one. PLEASE REPLY BACK! I have tried once before, and I wish to try again! Thank you!

    Hayward67(Send Me A Rainbow) 23:50, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • JimCroce

    Possible Alpha abilities

    September 24, 2011 by JimCroce


    • Photographic reflexs- the ability to copy a person's movement after seeing it performed only once.
    • Night vision
    • Chronopathy (time sense)
    • Chemical Quantitative Aptitudinal
    • Thermoception- gives a person an enhanced sense of heat. Allows the user to sense when people are near them, or sense when someone is lying.
    • Eidetic memory
    • Mental mimicry- the ability to watch and observe someone and mentally "become" them.
    • Heart rate control- allows the user to accelerate and decrease their heart rate, allowing the user to enhance their agility and reflexes or to fake their death.
    • Influencing abilities:
      • Releasing nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that sends the victim into a paralyzing state of euphoria.
      • Releasing a chemical that disables a person's ability t…
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  • Frederic500

    The Summer Glau Wiki has collected some really good reviews of season 1 episode 7 'Catch and Release', guest starring Summer Glau, for you to read.
    All reviews praises Summer's acting performance and credibility as Skylar Adams and every columnist wishes that Summer Glau will return to the show in the next season.

    Todd VanDerWerff for A.V. Club Quote : Last week, I complained some about Alphas’ guest casting, so let’s do some credit where credit’s due stuff and point out that Summer Glau was pretty awesome as Skylar, a sort of one-woman Radio Shack who could put together insanely wacky gadgets out of shit she just found laying around...
    I’d certainly be pleased if, in season two, Alphas decided it needed a new character or two and brought her b…

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  • Kate.moon

    Awesome news Alphas fans! The summer hit Alphas is getting renewed for a second season! The second season will air in the summer of 2012 with thirteen new episodes. Have you been watching the first season? It's a great time to catch up; Alphas has brought its A-game with a slew of impressive sci-fi guest star names!

    Season 1 guest stars included: Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman and sister show Warehouse 13, Alaina Huffman of Stargate Universe, John Pyper-Ferguson of Battlestar Galactica, Summer Glau of Firefly, Garret Dillahunt of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Rebecca Mader of Lost and Brent Spiner of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    I wonder which stars will grace Alphas next summer! Are you excited about the renewal? What do …

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  • Hayward67

    Alphas RolePlay

    August 9, 2011 by Hayward67

    I recently created an Alphas RolePlay Wiki. It is a wiki were people can go to become a part in the Alphas Universe. Unfortunately, I'm not the best at formating and I NEED HELP DESPERATELY!!! I need people who have experience with formating wikia to help me by becoming admins.

    This is a link to the Wiki;

    Please come and visit!!!

    Hayward67(Send Me A Rainbow) 22:29, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Kate.moon

    Have you been following Syfy's newest summer hit, Alphas? If you haven't, we have several reasons why you should start watching now! If you're a sci-fi fanatic, you'll recognize the roster of famous guest stars the show will introduce starting August 15.

    First up on the list is Lindsay Wagner of Bionic Woman who currently plays Dr. Vanessa Calder on Alphas' sister show, Warehouse 13! In a surprising crossover, Alphas and Warehouse 13 will co-exist in the same universe as Wagner reprises her Warehouse role in Alphas. On August 22, the week after Warehouse 13 x Alphas, Summer Glau of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will guest star in a yet-unknown role.

    Other guest stars to watch for include Garret Dillahunt of Raising Hope…

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  • Kate.moon

    It's a big sci-fi night for the Syfy Channel! Not only is their popular summer show Warehouse 13 returning for its third season, but the network is also gearing up for the premiere of Alphas! If you remember the epic superhero show (then failure) that was Heroes, you'll know that there is a lot riding on this new super-powered show. So what differentiates Alphas from previous series ventures?

    For one, it's penned by a writer who's quite familiar with the superhero genre: Zak Penn of X-Men: The Last Stand. In Comic Book Resources Penn emphasizes that the supercharged characters of Alphas do not possess totally far-fetched abilities. No? They're highly, highly improbable, but not impossible. In other words, they're rooted in "scientifically f…

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  • Scarecroe

    Classic Super Powers

    June 29, 2011 by Scarecroe

    Alphas is the SyFy Channel's latest attempt at bringing stories about people with incredible abilities to a popular audience. Since the 1930s, comic books and magazines have excelled in entertaining readers with extraordinary tales of seemingly ordinary humans who possess extraordinary powers. It didn't take long before film and television followed suit.

    In the past decade, as geek culture became mainstream, entertainment companies have been investing in ways to exploit viewers' hunger. While the supernatural reigned in the 1990s (The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc), the 2000s approach to super-powered beings on TV have taken a more practical approach (Heroes, The 4400, Fringe, etc.)

    As we get ready for the premiere of Alphas, take a look…

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