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Season 1
The following page provides information on Nina specifically during Season 1. For general information on Nina, please refer to this page.
For detailed information on plot for each season, refer to the respective tabs
Nina Theroux/Season 1
Portrayed By Laura Mennell
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Female
Alpha Type Alphatype-influencer Influencer
Your will, is her power
- Nina's Season 2 Tagline


Nina drove her car to Rosen's headquarters for the team. While driving, she was stopped by a police officer, whom wanted to give her a ticket. She used her powers to make the man eat the ticket. She then asked him, while he was under her control, if he was single. After finding out that he was married, she presumably let him go and carried on with her day.

Nina convinces a woman to use the bathroom

Nina convinces a guard to use the bathroom.

After regrouping with her team, she was tasked with getting the four and Rossen up to the top of a building. She was asked by fellow teammate Bill Harken if she could get the team up to the top of the building. In response, Nina stared at Bill bizarrely, making Bill come to the conclusion that his question was asinine. While in the building, she encountered a woman guarding the top of the building. She used her powers to force the woman to believe that she needed to use the bathroom.

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