Parish's Grandchild
Portrayed By Amanda Smith
Parish Grandchild
Seen In The Quick and the Dead
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Family Stanton Parish (Grandfather, though known to her as distant cousin)

Parish's Grandchild was Stanton Parish's thirty-first and last grandchild. She was killed by Stanton, in what he presumably saw as a compassionate act.

Physical Appearance Edit

This grandchild is a white female. She is growing old and does not have much hair.

Events Edit

Season 2 Edit

"The Quick and the Dead" Edit

Danielle Rosen is at a hospital working with Stanton using her powers to soothe the dying agony of one of his grandchildren. He explains that the woman was his 31st and last grandchild and she only knew him as a distant cousin.

Stanton goes to see his elderly grandchild and kisses her on the forehead. He then smothers her to death.

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