• Homfrog


    November 7, 2012 by Homfrog

    These are several Alpha types I have created.

    Hypertrophics have the ability to induce growth in any part of the body, but to compensate they must atrophy another part of the body.

    • Internally conflicted
    • Absentminded
    • Multiple personalities
    • Easily overwhelmed

    Hypertrophics possess the ability to consciously control their cell growth, distribution, and division. At any time, they may induce cellular growth in a few types of cells, making a particular organ or muscle group become larger and higher-functioning. However, to conserve mass while doing this, they must also make another few types of cells atrophy, causing another organ or muscle group to wither and lose function temporarily. They cannot affect their bones, hair, or nails.

    For example, if a…

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