• M.CPU


    November 12, 2012 by M.CPU

    Hypercognitive alphas are capable of mental abilities such as "Intuitive Aptitude" (different version of Skylar's ability), "Hyper-Adrenalism" [Enhanced Strength & Acceleration without downside] (Bill's ability), "Hyperkinesis" [Dexterity & Reflexes without stress/distraction downside] (Hicks' ability), "Induction" (Nina's, Jason's & Kimi's methods), "Hyperesthesia/Synesthesia" [Heighten more than one sense at a time] (Rachel's ability), "Adoptive Muscle Memory" [without memory loss downside] (Kat's ability), "Sonic/Sonokinesis" [Voice mimicry] (???'s ability), "Omni-Lingualism/Translation" [without downsides] (Anna's ability), "Transduction/Navigation" [Alpha Detection; not as Gary's electromagntic perception] (Claude's & Gabby's methods) …

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