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    Season 2

    July 8, 2012 by XCoaster

    On Season 2 of Alphas, a new regular character has been announced, Kat (Erin Way).

    Kat, according to a release from Syfy, is a "free-spirited young loner" who can pick up any skill at a single glance, perfect muscle memory. The only problem is that her memories are very short-lived, and her new skill can fade pretty quickly. Becoming a member of the team provides a purpose and direction for Kat and working with Dr. Rosen, played by David Strathairn, may help her reclaim her lost past.

    New and Returning Guest Stars Include:

    Sean Astin plays Roland, an Alpha who has a bizarrely absorptive brain, which allows him to assume the memories of anyone close to him and then replay them like a tape recorder.

    C. Thomas Howell portrays Eli Aquino, an inten…

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